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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Hearts in the Vortex

An Arizona paranormal comic romance...

The Most Unromantic Woman in the World Falls in Love - with Two Men - in One Body

No-nonsense attorney Rebecca Dumaurier battles for famous romance writers. But in the Sedona vortex romance spins out of control with a shy trance channeler and a pirate from another time.

Romancing Rebecca is a must-read novel.. .The book is light, breezy and Polo sets a fast pace that never lets up. And those steamy sex scenes? Too funny for words!” -Kudos, Verde Valley & Sedona, AZ

Heads in the Clouds

A western aviation romance…

Can a meat-eating Texas advertising woman find love with a vegetarian Buddhist and get her pilot’s license despite interference from her wacky Arizona airpark neighbors?

Lia Bedford thinks she’s going to get her pilot’s license, sell her father’s Arizona airpark house, go back to helping beef producers sell meat, and probably find a guy just like the cheating husband who bankrupted her.

Seth Hartman thinks he’s come to Arizona to build a spiritual center, escape the community and wife that betrayed him, and create a new beginning much like the contemplative, vegetarian life he left.

Lia and Seth begin to change with help from their wacky senior citizen neighbors. All they have to do is conquer the fear of flying and their fear of love.

Winner of the 2014 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards (Best Romance Category)

Amber Polo

In 1998, after living in seven states, Amber Polo discovered Arizona was her true home. Immediately, the mystical side of Sedona became the setting for Hearts in the Vortex, her Arizona paranormal comic romance.

One day a plane flew past her office window and she turned her pen to her own airpark backyard and Heads in the Clouds was the result. Even her high-flying quirky neighbors became part of the Arizona setting in her western aviation romance.

Amber’s had a lifelong love of libraries and dogs. Her fascination with lost ancient libraries and curiosity about why werewolves outnumbered dog-shifters in literature inspired The Shapeshifters' Library, an urban fantasy series filled with librarian dog-shifters.

In addition to her award-winning fantasy series and Arizona-based romances, Amber relaxes stressed readers and writers. Her book Relaxing the Writer: Guidebook to the Writer’s High offers suggestions and simple exercises. And her relaxation CDs help almost anyone to relax and find restful sleep.

What’s next? Did you know Cleopatra faked her death and ended up in the Southwest?

Find more about Amber at http://amberpolo.com/ and write to her at: amber@amberpolo.com