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A Tale of a Pretty Pony

By Matthew Sime

1999, A tale of two friends (well, at that time).  Cheyenne, Wyoming rodeo week.  Sometime on the second day after hours of preparation for the next day’s rodeo and while relaxing on the west ground of the rodeo complex with other team ropers, bull riders and “Buckle bunnies” as we affectionately called the barrel riders, we were settled down for the night and having a few beers while talking about the events of the next day.

The events that transpired next were, to say the least, epic in cowboy lore!

Cowboys are pranksters and my good old buddy decided to have some fun at my expense so he told me that this pretty cowgirl down at the far horse trailer had said she would like to see me.  Off I went to pay her a visit.  My old buddy failed to tell me she was a little crazy when she had a couple drinks and loved to chase cowboys with her riding quirt and whack them on the butt and legs. Yeah, she ambushed me and got in several good whacks before I got away. Hurt like hell too.

Payback is a real bitch, as my fun loving old buddy was to discover.  

Later that night I got some friends and a couple cowgirls to help me with my Revenge. We gathered at the temp pens where my friend’s rodeo horse was and proceeded to give him a complete makeover.

By next morning, with very little sleep we were finished.  His best horse was now a mythical creature of sorts with braided mane and tail with the rest of him spray painted with pint sparkle paint including pink toenails for added beauty.  Oh and a paper towel roll painted pink too and attached to his forehead made the perfect unicorn. He was such a pretty pink pony I would have asked this horse on a date.

The paint did not wash off for two weeks and two states. Rodeo announcers commented when he entered the arena, with my buddy aboard, that it was the prettiest horse that they had ever seen.

It took a year or so for my buddy and I to make peace.  Good thing too because his horse made babies, one of which I still own. Her name is “silver charm”

Truth be told, I wouldn't change a thing.

True story