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A Thousands Eyes

By Elton Mellum


Walking along the edge of the forest

I thought I felt a Thousands eyes

Five hundred cautious, fearful creatures

And that made me come to realize

That Nature is a violent place


Survival of the fastest, fittest creatures

A place where there is no friend

One mistake, one careless move

And that could be the end

Nature is truly a violent place


The eyes were then upon me

Some preparing to take flight

And others like the Bear & Lynx

were building courage to fight

It could quickly become a violent place


As the sentry squirrel chattered

The fox headed for his den

And the deer lifted up their heads

To catch me on the wind

Prepared to flee a violent end


And the wood mouse trembled

As he kept me in his eye

Not his only potential problem

He also had to watch the sky

For violence comes from everywhere


I love my walks with mother nature

Perhaps I could become the prey

Or maybe I to could flee or fight

To live still another day

In the midst of a violent place


I don't know why it is this way

I know no one who understands

The food chain of creation I guess

At the top of which is man