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A Trip Through Time

Elton Mellum

It was a trip that was a trip

Across the roads of time

That started inside the museum door

Along the river Rhine

I saw the Mongolian hoards

And the Romans fight the Hun

There was the Mona Lisa

Err the trip had just begun

There were soldiers dressed in armor

And naked ladies poised on divans

With pastoral scenes of flowers

While nuns walked among the heathens

I saw armies trudging along the road

That led nowhere at all

While angels of the heavenly host

Flew up and down the hall

There was a sooty blacksmith

Holding a hoof, he shod

While a group of heavenly host

Gathered around the throne of God

I saw the Virgin Mary

With a halo around her head

And next the band of crusaders

Walking among the dead

Then I saw the flamingo dancer

Twirling around the fire

And there was a band of gypsies

With tambourines and lyre

A great sight it was the great ships at sea

With their masts full of the wind

And there was Jesus walking on the water

Before dying for man’s sins

Then I heard the troubadours

Singing their songs of love

And I saw the Holy Spirit rising

On the wings of a snow white dove

Some disjointed people and horses

Sort of puzzled me

But there it was on the wall

For all of us to see

Then I saw the beautiful ladies

On the Parisian boulevard to dine

With bowls of fruit and nuts

And bottles of vintage wine

But soon again the wars raged on

With battle scenes galore

And horse’s dogs and the wounded

All part of the deadly gore

So I walked along the Rivers

And along the avenues

And saw so many exciting sights

I hardly knew what to do

Lord what a marvelous trip it was

A trip back in time

Let me assure you all

The pleasure was all mine.