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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Cabin Fever

A Story from Jake Janz Series

Knee deep in snow on the side of the mountain with an eagle above me and a grizzly coming up from down below. I think it is time for me to find a place to wait out the storm.  

Marion said that she was hiding in a Cabin just below the tree line and needed help desperately.

I’m Jake Janz private detective and soldier of fortune for beautiful women who find themselves in serious trouble. And serious trouble is what Marion has got.

While working in a bar as a waitress in Phoenix Arizona she witnessed a shooting that was a drug related incident where a dealer shot and killed two men and one of those men was DEA agent. Worse yet the shooter was a member of one of the major drug cartels operating in the USA. She had made a run for it and somehow managed to escape the shooter and now being the only witness they were seeking to find her and make sure she had no chance testify against him.

Marion had fled to Montana where she had grown up and where she felt most comfortable finding a place to hide until she can find some solution for her situation. the cabin in the mountains had proven to be just the place she was looking for, but now she needed help to protect herself from the cartel who would not give up until they were able to find her.

By noon the next day I was able to find her by following the coordinates that she had given me to use with my GPS. I was startled when I heard the report of a rifle and then the snow falling off the branch right next to my ear. Whoa I shouted it's me Jake.  Sorry she said as she stepped out of the door of the cabin and into the bright sunlight. my first thought was wow she is a beautiful woman and holding that rifle probably means she's a dangerous one too. Then came the big smile and I felt a lot more comfortable.

The cabin was rustic beautiful and warm with a fire in the fireplace and the reflection of the flames on the pine walls made it almost surreal. A cup of coffee and a ham sandwich later I was curled up on a couch that sat next to the fireplace fighting to stay awake as the fire slowly took the chill of the mountain out of my body. I lost the fight to stay awake and when I awoke again it was dark except for the reflection of the fire that was still burning in the fireplace I wondered where Marion had gone and realized that she was not in the cabin, for a moment I was alarmed and then I heard her moving about out on the porch of the cabin. I grabbed my parka and stepped out to find her sitting on an old rocking chair gazing at the stars. Oh man it was the Milky Way and it seems as though I could reach up and touch the stars. I stood there for a long time mesmerized by the beauty of it all.

I forgot how beautiful it is up here she said.

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