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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

. I told Marion to grab her parka and felt lined boots and as much warm clothes as possible and to make sure she took her rifle and a couple pockets full of ammunition and while she was doing that I did likewise.

I was not about to let them get us trapped in the cabin so we started to climb up among the trees and the rocks until I found a good spot from which we could watch the cabin and have a good field of fire in case of a skirmish or a firefight.

We did not have to wait long until I heard the wop wop of the helicopter blades and saw the helicopter shortly thereafter Landing about a quarter of a mile from the cabin in a small clearing. I counted six men which is probably all the helicopter would hold, they were armed with automatic rifles.

I turn to look at Marion thinking that she would be frightened but if she was it didn't show on her face and she seemed ready for a fight. I whispered to her that we should wait until we had some good shots and then I would fire first and after that she should start at whoever was on her right and I would work from the left and by the time we met in the middle they would either be all dead wounded or on the run for their lives. She asked if we should or shouldn't kill and I said we probably should but if possible let's start with arms and legs and if that doesn't stop them then we'll shoot to kill. They sure were anxious to start shooting because as soon as they were close enough they began to fire at the cabin. At that point I   knocked the first one down with a bullet in the thigh and Mary took out the shoulder of the one out of her right. It stopped them right where they were and they dived for cover.

They could not see us so I yelled for them to take their wounded and get back on the helicopter and get the hell off our mountain. The others started to run and I took a shot in front of them which stopped them and I told them to take their wounded trash with them because we didn't want it stinking up the mountain. I'm sure they didn't like it but they did and soon the helicopter lifted up and headed back down the mountain. I knew it wasn't the end but it was a hell of a good start.

Late that afternoon Erik's sister Janis arrived with her friend John bear killer. And they immediately began setting up their own camp above us in the woods. Within an hour they had built a shelter with pine boughs and put their sleeping bags and other equipment In it. I was surprised that it was cozy and the central fire pit kept it nice and warm. By dark John bear killer had a deer dressed out and hanging from a branch alongside their shelter. That night we ate deer strap steaks and drank coffee by moonlight.