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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Once we banked the fire we jumped into bed and Mary put her cold, cold feet in between my legs and then her hands and then It was too much to avoid so I did likewise and that soon started what happened next. Needless to say we warmed up in a hurry.

Enrico realized that this was not going to be as simple as he had originally thought. In fact, this could be downright dangerous and so he decided to try something else. He put out the word that he would pay 300,000 to anyone who killed her and could prove it. They had 30 days to do it.

There would be takers. People who thought this would be easy money. So started events that locals would be talking about for generations.

The first two were the Haley brothers who came out of the Superstition Mountains of Arizona. They consider themselves mountain men and figured their skill would make quick work of the problem. That attitude would become fatal.   

Erik and Mary arrived mid afternoon the following day and believe it or not Erik had managed to find a dog sled team and brought his supplies up that way. He figured that he and his brother in law would have to do some serious hunting to feed the dogs but no one would be sneaking up on them without the dogs creating a racket. Erik had also spent time with the federal marshals and had gotten permission to take whatever action necessary to protect Marion and stop the actions of the cartel.     

Chapter Four

                                                         ..Jack Haley was just below the tree line when the arrow went deep into his hip. He had hoped to sneak down from above and get a clear shot at Marion now he was in serious pain and yelling for his brother John to come and assist him but john had serious problems of his own as he found himself suspended by one leg from a tree limb when the snare trap had got him, worse yet a man had just popped up in front of him out of a snowbank and was walking toward him with his skinning knife. In the other hand he carried a rifle which he used to break John's arm with a powerful swing and while John screamed he cut the rope with the knife and let John fall. Then he turned and walked away without saying a word but John knew he and his brother were suddenly out of their league and in serious trouble for their lives and would lucky to get off this mountain alive.

Chapter Five                                                

    Next came Art, Jerry and Gary three self-declared survivalist from Idaho.