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Cunning & Enthusiasm

By Elton Mellum

Out of the chute came buckskin Charlie

The Brahma was really humin

And his shoulder was already burning

And his back already bumming

Six seconds later

and big mouthful of dirt

Two ribs and a hip

And his pride too was hurt

How had he got into this contest?

Between young cowboys and old

To see who could be the first

To ride that Brahma Bull

That very moment he swore off whiskey

And sorta swore off gin

And promised if he lived through it

He might even give up sin

There had to be an answer

They had to ride him fast

If this thing dragged on for long

The old body would never last

His friend Tall Trees Jim

Had an idea and work it might

To flash him with a mirror

That might turn him to the right

So back up on the bull

Then back out of the chute

A spinning, whirling tornado

An angry humped up brute

Charlie felt his body rattle

Tall trees flashed the mirror

Brahma turned right into his leg

And there went up a cheer

The horn sounded above the rumble

Of the sound of battle

And Charlie he let go

And then he went a spraddle

But he had ridden that old bull

The allotted time today

And the old cowboys lifted him up

For he had won the day

Now the young cowboys

They stared in disbelief

As the old cowboys cheered

While sighing in relief

For it’s been said before

By writers of song and rhythm

That old age and cunning

Beats youth & enthusiasm every time

Well, the young cowboys threw a party

But Charlie wasn’t there

They imagined he was soaking

Away the pains and wear

But Charlie he was ginning

As she walked out the bathroom door

For Miss Rodeo was wearing a smile

And precious little more