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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Defending Her Honor

By Elton Mellum

I have my back to the bar now watching this idiot yell “I want you, I want you.”

I was losing my patience “be very careful what you wish for” I replied.

This all started when I noticed a young woman I knew sitting at a table by herself and she looked upset. I had noticed earlier a surly looking young man sitting across from her but now he was nowhere in sight. I walked over and said hello and asked what was going on.  She told me he was being verbally and even a bit physically abusive. She had just met him and agreed to come here with him but now she didn't know what to do.

The problem seems simple to me, “come stand at the bar with me and I'll buy you a beer.”. “Then we'll see how it goes, but for now you're with me.”

When Mr tough guy came back in from whatever he was doing and saw her standing by me he got loud shouting for her to get back over to the table. I took hold of her arm and told her to stay. She looked frightened but she stayed.

A friend standing close by said softly, “watch him he's just out of prison.”

Then he yells, “let's go outside and settle this”. Going outside and fighting means we are going to jail and I was not interested plus I wanted witnesses if I had to stop him permanently.

So I said, “my father always said that if you wrestle in the mud with a pig you both get dirty but the pig likes it.”  That set him off with the “I want you” business.

Now I had to decide if he charged me if I would take a glancing blow to get hold of his wrist and spin and dislocate his shoulder or break his elbow, or if he brought the beer bottle or a knife, to jam the palm of my hand up into his nose and break it or maybe kill him.

I didn't care for either idea but I cared less about getting hurt or killed.

I thought about fist fighting but at fifty-nine years old I might not have the wind.

So I backed against the bar with my boot on the foot rail ready to launch and surprise him.

I heard the door close to the side of me but was focused on big mouth.

“What the hell is going on here?’

“Hey buddy you’re just in time this guy wants me for something and it's not to Dance”

The tension went out of the room and some chuckled.  There stood My six foot five biker buddy who I had given rides home several times when he shouldn't take his bike.

In about three strides he had hold of the big mouths shoulder and headed for the door.

I heard him say as he proceeded to throw him out, “You’re damn lucky because that old man would have killed you.”  “Get out of town and never come back.”

It does pay to have friends in low places!

Later she told me she would feel safer if I came home with her.

I guess now she felt safe as she snuggled as close as possible

Hell of night!