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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


By Elton Mellum

The old Indian said, “follow” and I did.  

I was bleeding from several places where the bullets hit me.  I was still standing but the old Indian said, “hurry” and I did.

I had stumbled on their compound where they were holding stolen cattle and they were not very neighborly. In fact, they were so un-neighborly they started sending bullets my way.  They had been chasing me for what seemed like a half day and was getting really weak when the old Indian appeared and said, “come now” and I did.

He was a strange man with fierce eyes and a faraway look but he moved with the agility of a mountain goat.  Suddenly by the wall of canyon rock he stopped and waited for me.  Then without a word he held my shoulders and took me through to what I can only call another dimension.

Suddenly I had no blood and no pain. There before me was a valley with water and game.  There were his fellow Indians fishing in the river and a cabin further down with smoke rising.  Now the old Indian looked younger and felt younger too.

What was going on?  Was I dying or even dead?

I saw a man coming up on horseback and I suddenly was shaking for he looked and smiled like my father used to.  He then moved on toward the cabin.

The Indian came and sat down across from me. I see you are confused he told me. Then he explained that his people had always gone back and forth between these two dimensions though the portal in the canyon wall on this mesa.

“Is that what happened to the lost tribes?”

“Some did not wish to fight no more”

“Is it better here?”

“For now it is better than before but time moves on here too.”

I asked many questions and asked if there were other dimensions too.

He told me there are many dimensions in universe and many universes.

“Where does the great spirit fit in”?

We believe the Great Spirit is in every dimension breathing life into all living things was his answer

“What about death?” I asked

“When you die in one dimension you cannot go back but must move on to new dimensions”

“Am I dead to my last dimension?”

He told me he didn't think so but tomorrow we would see.

He took me back through the crack to my previous life and I was alive.  The enemy was gone.  He patched my wounds and left me there. I made it home OK but several friends told me I had changed. I told them it was because I faced death.

I did not tell them about my experience in the new dimension

They would not have believed me anyway.

But I remember and I don't fear death anymore.