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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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The Rock of My Salvation  (Rim Country)

Artist:  Donna S. Davies (2015)

Canvas 18 X 24 X 1.5, unframed.

Medium:  Oil.   Price:  $350  + S/H


Artist:  Donna S. Davies (2016)  

18 X 24 X 1-1/2

Medium:  Oil.     Price: $300 + S/H

 E. Verde River - Payson, Arizona - (Rim Country)

  Artist:  Donna S. Davies (2016)  

 11 X 14  (Framed size:  17 X 20)

  Mixed media, under glass.   Price: $250 + S/H

Grand Canyon Majesty

Artist:  Donna S. Davies (2016)  

20 X 24  (Framed size: 25 X 29)

Medium:  Oil.   Price: $325 + S/H

 Donna S. Davies  

“Let Your Light Shine - Artistry”

Donna has always loved painting!  In Kindergarten, her teacher wanted her to "play house" which highly distressed her because she wanted to be busy at the 'easel' painting!  She did a BIG project in fourth grade for California History by painting a California Spanish Mission on BIG paper!  Thus the beginnings of an artist.  Donna was first introduced to oils when she did some Tole painting...but quickly switched to canvas and oils.  As she worked in the medical field all her adult life, it was difficult to find a lot of time to paint.  One of her children, Sam, had quite a talent in drawing as a child which was noticed by everyone.  She encouraged this, as did others.  When he was in high school, Donna and Sam took an anatomy life-drawing class together at the local junior college.  Donna's thirst and quest to get back to painting was once again whetted.  Upon getting close to retirement, she was asked what she would like as a retirement gift.....oil painting supplies, OF COURSE!  Donna has been retired for over four years and has been painting ever since non-stop!  She LOVES it and plans to keep going!  She and her husband moved to Payson, Arizona in October 2015, and love it here!  Donna has joined the local Art League where she is currently the Vice-President.  She works mainly in oils, however she has branched out into Oil Pastel Chalk, watercolor, India Ink, Charcoal. While doing many landscapes, she enjoys still life painting and some portraiture.  She has most recently been exploring airbrush techniques so we will see where that will take her.  She hopes you will enjoy her paintings - she certainly loves doing them!  One of the things she also loves doing is adding a scripture to each piece of artwork she does.  She thanks God for allowing her to use the gift he has given her to use for "His Glory" and wants those who see it to know that it is all about “HIM.