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From Dust to Dust

By Elton Mellum

A desert night and a blood red moon

My friend Dan playing a mournful tune

He sang of the desert and its deadly heat

That could burn your soul and fry your feet

We’d come out here seeking some gold

And I was wishing we’d not been so bold

Five days of relentless heat and no sign of rain

Had sapped my strength and fried my brain

Now we went in search of desert water

Without it we’d not go much farther

Then the wind started up and it blew

And sand started moving and the dust it flew

But there was no water in the land

And it was taking its toll on old Dan

His eyes were now burned bright Red

And he looked like the walking dead

I hoped we’d both last another day

But that night Dan ups and passed away

So I left him propped against a rock

And then I started out to walk

About nightfall a rumble like a train

But it was thunder and then came the rain

It came so hard I heard it pound

So I headed up for higher ground

Next morning I thought I had finally lost my mind

For I saw old Dan coming up behind

I yelled, “I thought you were dead”

But he just smiled and shook his head

Well, no need for you to make a fuss

I understand why you thought I’d gone to dust

But out here death is often overrated

For it turns out I was just dehydrated

That night the moon was blood Red again

And the coyotes howled by their den

Dan sat and sang a happy tune

And I dreamed of getting back home soon