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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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I was born on the plains of Ypsilanti, North Dakota and grew up on a farm doing what farm boys do. Work, hunt, play sports and dream. In college at Concordia College, Moorhead ,Minnesota I played a lot but got degrees in history, political science, psychology and secondary education. Then off to Cincinnati, Ohio to work for a churches mission in the inner city and to students at the University of Cincinnati.   I Learned a lot about gangs and inner city problems there. Next on to the Lutheran seminary in Columbus Ohio to get a masters in ministry and counseling. while at school there I became a social worker at the then girls reformatory. While there I started reality therapy counseling groups, which principles are still used nationwide today.

Next phase was as a parish minister in New Baltimore, Michigan.  There the youth programs I ran became famous and my civil rights stand infamous to the point of death threats.  

The next phase was year in Europe, Scandinavia, and Morocco. Just traveling with my wife and two children and seeing the sights and talking with the people.

After that my life was mostly as an entrepreneur until I got back to the country as a cattle buyer who bought cattle in Colorado and sold them in Muleshoe, Texas. Although I had been writing some all along this is when I wrote my four books of country humor.  After that Lillian and I traveled and sold books and traveled some more, living the gypsy RV life. I guess we still are.

Elton J Mellum