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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Sitting on the steps Logan asked why his mother had lied to him.  My response would normally take a little while to mull over but the answer came almost immediately.

 "Honey, Michelle is only a mommy and doesn't know anything about how grandmother's think.  When she finally gets blessed with grandchildren, she will then know as much as I do now," I replied.

 Michelle came around the corner of the house with tears in her eyes.

 "Mom, I heard what you said to Logan, I love you."

 "Ditto, Michelle."  Mari said, opening up arms to enfold her.

 Jim and Jordan emerged from the house, dragging suitcases, toys, and books for the two months of vacationing in Payson.

 After giving hugs and kisses to their mother, they departed for the two and 1/2 hour drive back home.  Jim put in some cd's of songs from the late 50's which Jordan and Logan know all the words to, they sang for a couple of songs until Logan slapped Jordan on her arm saying, "Jordan, gramma will give me a paper that says, she adopts me as her grandson.  You don't get one."

 Jordan insisted that she didn't need a paper because Daddy Rob came from gramma and she came from Daddy Rob.  Logan reasoned that adoption was better as gramma chose him and not something that just came out that she had to love.

Then I retrieved ear plugs from my purse and stuffed them in place, closed  my green eyes and pondered on the memories made over Christmas vacation.  Only two hours and 20 minutes before they would arrive home, I hoped my sanity would hold out until then.

 Jim nudged me to let me know the kids just fell asleep.  Jim and I laughed remembering how their two sons always fell asleep in the back seat, the motions lulling them into dreamland.   The boys would awaken as soon as they arrived at their destination, or when the car stopped moving.

   Removing the ear plugs and turning off the oldies, we talked about how life changed since becoming grandparents.  After the wonderful experience of having sons, when Jordan arrived almost 13 years ago, she taught both of us the joys of having a girl in the family and how easy for her to get grampa to do whatever his little precious desired, no questions asked. I told Jim that Jordan didn't need a genie in a bottle, Grampa granted all of her wishes.  Nodding his head in agreement, we both laughed.

 Then when Logan came along, he brought back the memories of life with boys:  scaring grandma with worms, playing basketball at the park, or watching cartoons on television with Grampa.  Yet another chance in a new life cycle to enjoy.

 No matter how many people we love, hearts always have room to hold more.  I want to fill mine to capacity.  Jim says I’m off to a good start.

 We took them back home the Sunday before they started back to school.  We only had to wait a few weeks before the fall break so we could get them again..

 Since Jim retired, we waited until Sunday morning to drive up to Concho, Logan watched the car make a complete stop before dashing down the steps to open my side of the door, a huge smile on his face as he climbed on my lap for a kiss.

 "Gramma, I don't need a paper anymore."  Logan whispered in my ear.  "I know that you are my real grandmother.  Brushing my teeth this morning, I looked in the mirror and we look alike."

 "How so honey?" I  asked.

 "We both have the same goofy smile, Mommy said so."

 Logan dragged me inside to the mirror where he and I smiled in unison.  The proof stared back at us.  Both shared the same smile and mirrors don't lie.