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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Grin & Bear it!

By Matthew “Trigger” Sime

Just a few short years ago two friends and I scheduled a guided Elk hunt in beautiful Colorado. Four business men from New York City contracted with us to guide them.  Each New Yorker brought the most expensive of equipment and a lot of it.

After they arrived we set out on horseback & pack mules for an eight day hunt. Now understand along with their equipment, they had laptop computers, cell phones, and were constantly on them. You would think for the price they paid they would want to enjoy Gods country, however they were oblivious to all of natures beauty, so on the third day after setting up camp, Scott, my partner looked at me and said just loud enough for them to hear,” I’m scared Matt, I keep thinking about that terrible hunt back in 96.” I answered back with concern and empathy,” I remember Scott.”  Then Nils said, “guys this is not a good time to bring this up.” I replied,” it’s the same scenario playing out again.” When Scott agreed we had our guest attention.                                                                           

 At this point Scott & Nils and I began to tell the story of the two men we were guiding who were talking on their cell phones, electronic equipment etc. Now we had their undivided attention. We spoke about how bears get irritated and angered by electronic noise which to them is like a dog whistle is to a dog. Fear grew on their faces.

We told them of a attack where one man lost his hand and the other was mauled on his back.  “It was like they turned themselves into bear bait.”

Well, we closed our story that night and headed off to our tents. Upon waking the next morning, all their equipment was taken down and Batteries discarded. We all looked at each other with smiles and continued the hunt with our New York friends.

They were finally talking and most of all enjoying themselves and getting their money’s worth.

They said, “Thanks for showing us a part of life we were missing, that means a lot to us.”

True story