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by Elton Mellum

On the dusty plains of Nebraska

A moon struck coyote howls tonight

The rabbit’s ears are at attention

Muscles tensed to take flight

The night wind howls in response

As it whistles through the trees

And owl hoots his response

There is danger on the breeze

Now the coyote sniffs the wind

And locates his prey

All of a sudden the chase is on

As I listen to him bray

Soon other coyotes join the chase

Yipping right on the rabbit’s heels

But the rabbit makes the oil pipes

And the coyote loses another meal

Then starts the mournful howl

As other coyotes now join in

While the rabbit shivers in the pipe

But won't scare out again

Soon downwind a ways

I hear a new chase is on

It is the night of the coyote

It is a fateful prairie song.

And the man in the moon looks on

While the owl begins to hoot

The wind howls down the plains

It’s the night of the wily coyote