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  On Top of  the  Mogollon  Rim

By Kaya Kotzen

Up on the rim

with only  the sounds of  the winds speaking loudly

through the  trees,

the views  amazing

rolling hills and mountain peaks  

that  one can see for miles,

covered  in green with red  soil patches

in between.

It  is  astounding, this pine and red dirt of  the  Southwest.

It  has it’s own  unique  magnificence  much like

other  wonders of  the world.

We sit on the  edge, on chairs  atop of rocks, overlooking it  all,

the  wind blowing loudly over and  around us.

It  cries  for us  to pay attention as it  bends  the  tree

branches  around  us  everywhere.

If it could speak, the wind would  say

“remember  me”,  

“remember  the cold  that I bring  which will

come in a few months  time.”

It would  say “ this is  the playful  season”,

pausing to blow the heat of  the day away.”

It would  say “remember  that I am as strong as you are  weak,

and that the seasons of your life  do  change  as readily as  I  blow.

Never  forget the  impermanence of your life,

the tenuousness  of  good  health, and

the ease  with which you walk  on steady legs and feet.

Remember  how  quickly life  can change,” it  tells  me.

“Honor it, it,  respect  it

and bring  gratitude  to each and  every moment.

The  best of life is in front of you,

not behind you anymore.

Make  space for it  to come  in.”

As  the  wind  begins to soften

and  sways  the  tree  branches  everywhere,

I  contemplate it all

and I let  it  wash away the fears and  doubts  from my past


the  wild  blue  yonder.

The  wind  cleanses  and heals as  it  speaks

and as  we  sit and allow it  all to be,

we  are  renewed.