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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Rescue at Rock Canyon

Elton Mellum

If I hadn't seen the flash of light off something up the ridge across from us one of us would have been shot. I shoved Ann away and dived to my left and rock fragments flew from where we’d been a second ago. We were moving fast now down a narrow gully until we reached a clump of Aspen's where we turned and scrambled for higher ground.  We both knew we had to get above the shooter.  Bark flew as another bullet ricocheted off a tree next to Ann, the shooter had found us again. Now I was mad and determined to get above him or her and turn this thing around.  I saw Ann drop behind a fallen log and chamber a round, I understood what she was going to do and that was to distract the shooter while i attempted to scramble higher.

I am Jack Janz private investigator and soldier of fortune whose clients are beautiful women in trouble and Ann is my associate who is a fashion model and martial art’s expert. We were here trying to find a young woman who was believed kidnapped by members of a separatist cult.  No one seemed to believe her mother that this was possible.  Ann and I believe her.

Chapter One

I was moving now and Ann must have located the shooter's nest because she was on automatic and the coast was clear for me to climb fast. Finally, I was where I wanted to be, totally out of breath, but alive and still damn mad.

Then something really weird happened. I saw the shooter rise up and tumble over the rock he was behind. Then a flag of some kind waving and a voice booming that it was OK the shooter was dead.

After some cautious moments we met the booming voice. “Hate a man that will shoot at a woman” he said. “Just been you I’d stayed out of it.”  “Well Thanks” I replied.  As it turned out he was called “Big Jim” and he had lived out here for a long time “to get away from the darn noise”  

After we visited awhile I wondered if he could help us find the girl.  Turns out he sure could. He told us of a hidden canyon that was pretty much hidden by outcrops of rock and trees. “Probably can't see it from the air unless you know it's there. “The girls are there with about fifteen or twenty lowlifes”

“More than one girl?”

“Eight or ten I'd guess”

This was a lot bigger problem than we'd bargained for!

Big Jim said we should wait till morning to start toward this rock canyon and after the day we'd had we were quick to agree. When We'd finished eating we found a soft spot and rolled out our sleeping bags and zipped them together.  It had been awhile since Ann and I had cuddled up together and we made the most of it.

By morning I had convinced myself to call my ex-Navy seal buddy Erik. He said he was hunting and he and Mary would find us by tracking our GPS. “Give us three days” he said.

Big Jim noted, “they must be damn good!”

Ann, replied, “they are.”

Chapter Two

Rock Canyon was well hidden so I guess they figured they did not need a sentry.  We lay hidden among the rocks and scrub bushes and watched trying to figure the best way to get the women out without getting them, or us, killed. I never heard Erik until he whispered, “what do you think?”  It alarmed me and gave me an idea at the same time.

Mary and Ann had discovered a shallow cave and we moved back into it and I unveiled my plan. Erik and I would slip into their camp after dark and create some fear.  We would get to use some of our old Seals and Rangers training.

“Did either of you bring a tube of lipstick” Erik asked.

“Which one of you is going to wear it?” Mary laughed

To our surprise they both had.  Now the fun would begin.