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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Rim Revenge

By Elton Mellum

It has so hot when i got off the plane in Phoenix my shadow was sweating and as I drove toward the mountains I saw a dog chasing a rabbit and it was so damn hot they were both walking.

I was headed up into the rim country to a place called Payson to meet a woman named Cynthia. She had asked for my help.

My name is Jake Janz and I am a private investigator and soldier of fortune whose clients are beautiful women with big problems.  Cynthia had one of those big problem and if I lived through this heat I'd see what I could do.

My assistant Ann, a black haired beauty who was a martial arts instructor and so dangerous when mad that even rattlesnakes avoid her, told me Cynthia's ex-boyfriend was telling people he was going to kill her and she had no doubt he would because he had tried once already to choke her but she had gotten away.  Ann also warned me that he had gang buddies backing him up.

I kept going up, up, up and it kept getting cooler. A beautiful drive to meet a beautiful woman.

I could see her standing on the steps of the casino, white dress, black hair, long beautiful legs, and a small army of men staring at her while their women tugged at their arms to go. I went from hot to cool and now back to hot again, wow!

Oven dinner Cynthia told me her story of how she had met Antonio and they had spent hours together doing all sort of things. He had wanted to move in with her but she told him she wasn't ready for that. He exploded and warned her that if she refused he would make her damn sorry for embarrassing him in front of his homies. At that point she decided it would never happen.

One day a week later he caught her outside a convenience store and tried to choke her but she “kneed” him and got away and called the cops, who did nothing.

Last week a friend told her he was bragging that he and his buddies were going kidnap her and when all had finished with her he was going to kill her for insulting him.

First I assured her that it was never going to happen, then asked how many homies he had. She said nine she knew of.

That got me on the phone to Erik, my buddy who is an ex-Navy seal, he said he and his friend Mary, big game hunter and damn dangerous in a fight, would be here in three days but he had a friend who was an ex-army ranger living up here who he would have get in touch.

Chapter Two

Cynthia had rented a nice little house on the very edge of town pretty much isolated in the pines. The interior was beautiful pine panels and she had decorated it with southwestern colors. It had a fireplace and only one bedroom. Well it's a tough job but someone has to do it. She must have read my thoughts because she said, “I have to warn you sometimes I snore”

The smell of coffee woke me up. The breakfast of sausage, eggs and biscuits and gravy got me going so I called Ann to see what she was finding out.  Ann told me that Antonio was from New Jersey where his family were small time crooks on his side and police on the other side. She also warned me that he and his homies had police records for violence and that a couple of cousins had left New Jersey for Phoenix yesterday.

Ann then told me she was going to New Jersey to see her friend Susan. Oh boy! There was going to be hell to pay in Jersey.