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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Chapter Three

Just before dark a man came out of the woods on horseback dragging along a fellow with a rope around his neck. “Caught him spying on you back there and thought we might hang him for the hell of it” It certainly was a great way for Erik's friend Matt to introduce himself.  “I guess they found her already,” I said   Matt replied, “not hard to find such a beautiful woman in a small town”

Matt's little catch sang like bird.  Yes, they were coming to get her as soon as the cousins arrived. No they didn't know we were here to help her. Yes, they had assault weapons just in case some locals interfered.

Matt found this guy had a warrant so he turned him in to the local Marshals and they agreed to forget him in the local jail for a while.

He also got us deputized to handle this. Cynthia and I were asleep when the thunder rolled in and lightning cracked. Cynthia rolled into my arms and with a slight shiver settled tight against me. It was warm and it felt good and then she kissed me and that was like another lightning strike of a different kind. Then came a storm of another kind until the night wore down. Exhausted we fell asleep again.

Chapter Four

Erik and Mary arrived before noon.  Mary hugged me and whispered something about me being a lucky bastard, then went to get her machine gun out of the RV and reassemble it. Erik was already scouting the area for potential fields of fire in case bullets started flying. Matt showed up out of a pile of rocks where he had been keeping watch and he and Erik Sat down to talk.

It was decided among us that these thugs probably all had warrants so if we could capture some of them and throw them in the local jail it would minimize the potential shooting.

It wasn't long before it started when I put my skinning knife tip under a homies jaw so he couldn't yell without driving the tip up into mouth. He wet his pants but sure obeyed well.

Erik duct taped another to tree with his mouth taped shut while he helped Matt drag a big brute he had “pole axed” up into the back of a pickup so he could deliver him to jail.

All in all, it had been fun day and they were down to seven.

Night brought more excitement when Antonio decided they would charge the house and kill whoever was in there.  About 2 am they made their move but about halfway to the to the house they heard a woman's voice yell” freeze” and they all turned to shoot when the chatter of a machine gun took the legs out from under four of them.  Then among the screams they heard that same voice says, “what the hell about freeze don't you understand?” that ended it.  Sirens brought ambulances and the Marshall's came.  Only Antonio and one cousin were gone.

Chapter Five

Two days later I was able to get in touch with Ann. She said New Jersey had been fun and only one small incident had occurred.

I knew something big was coming.  “What incident?” I asked.

Well, last night we went to this club and some creep named Antonio threatened me with a knife so I kicked the crap out of him, broke his arm, three ribs, dislocated both shoulders and broke his nose.

“Damn Ann, what did the police say?”

“Well the guy I was with happened to be a police lieutenant and he happened to be his uncle and he thought I did a fine job.”

“OK I give up.”

“That's sort of what he said.”. “His uncle thinks as soon as he gets out of the hospital and out of prison he will leave women alone.”

“what can I say?”

“How about goodbye, see you at the office!”