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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Along with hard work, opportunities arise in small towns that would never be expected in urban areas for the average person. Sharon graduated from the University of San Bernardino. A few years later she moved to Colorado. While there, she was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Judicial Nominating Committee which reviewed applicants for judgeships in seven counties. She was also selected to serve as a representative to the State Convention. She has worked as a social worker and assisted the probation department in several cases. The remainder of her work has been with commercial insurance. Her hobbies include landscape oil painting, rock and mineral collection, and four-wheel trail drives in her new state of Arizona. There is nothing like experiencing the beauty and mystery of the Colorado Rockies firsthand. She is among a lucky few who have lived the life of a modern pioneer in a small alpine community.  When working to build a restaurant alongside crystal waters, feet mired in yellow clay, she would search the ridgeline of the Continental Divide looming above for strength to keep going. The rugged life she and her husband had chosen came with a high price tag. Many times she would ask, is it worth it? In her new novel, heroine, Lynn Mason, has to answer this same question.

The bizarre murder in her mystery novel has unusual twists and turns. As a family member of a victim in an unsolved murder case, Sharon can write with conviction about the desire for closure her character must handle.

Murder Mystery/Love Story Novel  

   Set In a Historical Gold Mining

      Mountain Town in Colorado

        By Award Winning Author

                 Sharon Langdale


How much would you risk finding justice for a loved one? The bizarre death offered no clues as to who or why.  Authorities soon let the case languish as unsolved.  Lynn Mason’s emotional balance teeters on the edge as she searches for motive, means, and opportunity among residents in the mountain town.

A year before the tragic murder, Lynn and husband Don, moved to Elk Hills. They built a unique restaurant on the shores of Mineral Lake. Their high hopes for their first full season of business crashed the moment murder rocked their lives. Lynn’s plea for help from her husband went unanswered and she runs for her life and into the arms of the only man willing to stake his life and career to hunt for the killer. Together they will embark on a breathtaking chase where greed and gold fever raises danger and explosive passion is waiting.  

Sharon’s next novel is a sequel. Look for “Maggie of Ute Tribe” on Amazon.com soon. WWW.sharonlangdale.com Email: gslangdale@gmail.com/ and veinofjustice@gmail.com