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Sherry is also the author and illustrator of the children’s book, Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who? Follow Daisy Doo’s journey as she wiggles through her world trying to figure out what and who she is in this charming tale perfect for a child of preschool age. This fascinating fable incorporates rhyming words with a comical flair as Daisy Doo interacts with her world. Colorful illustrations depict the difference between Daisy Doo and others, such as Leroy Lee, the ant, in this wonderful story of adventure. Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who? is a delightful book to share with young children and delight in their laughter.



Twitter:  SherryEngler@SherryEngler



Sherry E Engler is the author of Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer and also the author and illustrator of Daisy Doo! Daisy Doo? What? Who? In the book, Living with LEO: Law Enforcement Officer, author Sherry Engler reveals the unusual, quirky behaviors a LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) may display. As the wife of one law enforcement officer for over thirty years and the mother of a daughter and son who are both law enforcement officers, Sherry Engler knows firsthand the many challenges the law enforcement profession may have on family life. In a humorous, lighthearted manner, she gives insights into what life may be like when living with law enforcement officers and suggests helpful hints for living harmoniously with one.