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She Shot My Buck !

By Elton Mellum


Oh he was a real beauty

A four by four mulee buck

I had been feeding him all summer

And I’d be eating him soon, with luck


I got my deer tag just for him

Way early in the fall

And I cleaned my gun and checked

To be sure nothing went wrong at all


Every day I checked the meadow

And waited there to see

If he was still coming to feed

He’d surely belong to me


But something sinister

Was happening behind the scene

For Lil was getting her hunting license

It was to be like a bad dream


For I hadn’t told her

I hadn’t told anyone

I didn’t want any person

To somehow spoil my fun


I was gone very early

First day of hunting season

But he wasn’t there

And I wondered at the reason


When I turned into my Gate

I saw a buck hanging from a tree

And I knew right away

It was the buck that belonged to me


I raced up the driveway yelling

How’d that buck get in that tree

Oh he climbed up and hung himself

What do you think you big dummy


I shot him off the porch this morning

It was really kind of neat

He wandered into the yard

Like he was looking for something to eat


But I was feeding him all summer

What’s the matter are you blind

That buck that’s hanging out there

Really belongs to me, he was mine


Well smart Alec this time

It cost you to hide something from me

So it’s a darn good lesson for you

That is hanging in that tree


I thought of strangling her

But could tell by the look in her eye

I’d be hanging next to my deer

If ever I should try


You had better get yourself back out

While you still have daylight

And get yourself another buck

Because it’ll do no good to fight


I couldn’t help but smile

At the sign she put by the door

Anyone who claims my buck

Will be shot with my forty-four.