Another Jake Janz adventure

Tetons Rage

By Elton Mellum

          No Wonder they call them the “Grand Tetons” they are by all counts Grand, Rugged and Magnificent to look at.  How could I ask for a better place to meet my new client.  Her name is Molly and in her picture she is 'drop dead' gorgeous.  In a few minutes I will meet her in person.   My name is Jake Janz and I'm a private investigator, solider of fortune, who caters to beautiful women with big problems.

          When I spot her she's waving at me.  She has a smile that would melt snow and she's decked out in Levis, mountain hiking boots, and a plaid cotton shirt with sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Her auburn hair is cut short and her eyes sparkled.  How could I not love my work?

          “Welcome to Jackson Jake.”

         “Thank you Molly, what a beautiful place.”

          “I hope you still think so when we get this mess straitened out.”

          Once we got my bag loaded in her jeep we were on our way.

           Her office was just off the square in Jackson, she stopped just long enough to run in and grab some paper work and her laptop and then we were off to the south climbing until she turned into a drive that snaked through some pines and ended in front of a beautiful Chalet.  “Home,” she said. And headed for the front door.

          “Come on Jake and I'll show you the place and put your stuff in the guest room.”

          I loved the place with vaulted ceilings, a fireplace of real stone and a balcony that ran all the way around over the great room.  

          “So this is how the other half live?”

“It took me eight years to get enough to buy the place and now I could lose it if you can't find what is going on.”

           “I will find out and put a stop to it too so let's go over what is happening.”

           Molly explained to me that five to seven percent of her gross sales were disappearing.  They suspected theft but checked and double checked all the stores and the people working there and so far, nothing as to how or why.  She had nine shops in the resorts and two stores in Jackson and all but three shops seemed to be involved but she wasn't sure because she didn't know what was going on. It didn't appear to be 'shrinkage' from retail theft at least most of it.

        It sounded to me like a gang of thieves had got into her businesses, but how were they getting the money out?  I'd figure it out by watching the stores or so I thought.

         Molly made lasagna for supper with fresh bread, lettuce salad with vinegar and oil and for desert “Apple Pie!

       “Ann told you?”

          “She did.”


          Ann was my beautiful black haired assistant; she was not only a part time fashion model but a full time martial arts instructor.  She was smart and she was dangerous.

         After supper we sat on the deck and watched the stars.  It was a beautiful night and so peaceful.  No cars, no trains, no sirens, everything night in the city was not. We talked of our lives and our dreams.

          In the morning there was a dusting of snow on everything.  It was like a magical wonderland

         “How is it coffee taste even better on a morning like this?”

 “I've often thought that myself.”

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