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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

     “ We'll back you,” the Sheriff said. “We don't have the high tech knowledge available you do.”

         That's all I needed to hear, now someone was going to pay for shooting me with that damn dart.

Chapter Four

        Molly wanted to fire them all but I told her “let's catch them and see if we can get some or all of the money back”

         “It'll be hard knowing they're in my stores stealing so I hope it don't take long.”

        “ Once Ann tracks the money to an account It won't take long.”



  Two days later Ann had an answer,  “Its going to a bank in Rock Springs, Wyoming and from there to a Credit Union in Salt Lake City.”

        “What Credit Union?”

        “That's the fun part.  The Credit Union isn't a credit union.”  It's an online LLC. With a checking account in First Federal.””

         “Who's on that account?”

         “A Nevada Corporation.”


         “Nevada will never tell you.”

         “So back to Rock Springs, Who signed on behalf of the Credit Union that doesn't exist?”

         “A Norm Wasman, and you guessed it, from Jackson, Wyoming

         I asked Molly, “Do you know a Norm Wasman?'

         “He's in prison.”  “I think his wife still lives somewhere around here.”

         Erik said, “Let's find her.”   I agreed.

         Carol Waseman was not hard to find, she worked on the square, and she told us she never went to see her “ex!” but his brother was somewhere around the area but she'd nothing to do with him either.

         “All I know is he never works and he thinks he's tough. I'd watch out for him.”

         Could be the guy that shot me. I intended to find out.

          Ann called again, “I'm in Salt Lake City and guess what.”

         “You beat some guy up?”


         “Not yet because he's talking.”

         “I was kidding Ann.”

         “I'm not.”

         “First, what the hell are you doing in Salt Lake City?

         “Watching First Federal to see if anyone showed up to make a withdrawal.”

         “Did they.”

         “No but the vice president was a hunk and he likes me and he's sure he doesn't want his girlfriend to know he slept at my place so now I know who comes for the money.”

        “You're bad Ann”

        “And you're not?”

        “O K  So we're bad”   “Now what do you intend to do?”

        “Try to see who a Jennifer Waseman works for.”

         “I would say her brother, or husband, but he's here and I don't think that smart.”

        “Keeping it in the family?”

        “Call me when you find out.”