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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

    Chapter Five

        Two days later Ann had the answer for us.  “She lives with a Roger Vilman III who owns a lodge near a place called Hobach which is south of Jackson.”  Now guess who lives at this lodge, non other than the workers at Molly's shops”

        “How did you find this out?”

        “Jennifer and I got to visiting.”

        “I'm not even going to ask.”

        “She doesn't know who I am she thinks I found out and want in.”

        “What do you plan now?”

        “I'm going back to Chicago and research this Roger Vilman III from there, I'm not crazy about Salt Lake City.”  “By the way Molly's workers live for free at Roger Lodge in return for moving certain amounts of money to his accounts.  That means they have all their paychecks to live the life of ski bunnies.”

   “Soon They'll be in bunny cages at the jail!”

        “Don't let them reproduce!”

        “Now that's funny Ann. I'll try to keep them apart.”

        Norm Waseman was not pleased because his boss Roger was not happy that The damn detective, or whatever he was, not only didn't leave but he brought in more people.  Norm better get rid of him soon or he'd be living in a snow bank instead of this cabin.   He should have used a poison dart the first time.  This time he would.  

         It was dark as a dungeon and Norm thought that was good so that he would not be spotted while he got into position behind .the Chalet. :”so far so good” he thought. Now to wait until he had a shot.

         Suddenly he was in the air hanging from the branch of an Aspen upside down.  He let out a scream that got cut off by a blow to his solar plexus. Then a figure appeared in black gear and picked up the dart rifle.  He heard a woman's voice,  “Well Erik look what you caught.”   

         “You know Mary these woods are just full of things to catch.”

         “Watch this, I'll shoot him with this cute little dart.”

         “No please!” Norm screamed. “It's poison!”

         “But you were going to shoot our friend with it.”

         “No ,no I had changed my mind, I was going to tell Roger I couldn't do it”

        “That's true you can't do it.”  “Whose Roger?”

        “If I tell you he'll kill me.”

        “Let me make it easy for you, Erik said, if you don't tell us we'll torture and kill you.”

       Norm told them all about it.  They got so excited they left him hanging in the tree.

        By the time the Sheriff got Norm down he was stiff with cold and fear.  

        “Well look at the bright side, the Sheriff said, now you'll get to see your brother.”

Chapter Six


        The truth was we still did not have enough proof to arrest the Bunnies or Jennifer and we still needed to connect Roger to the whole scam.  Given a little more time I was sure Ann's research would give us what we needed. In the meantime I had something I needed to do.

         I Walked into the lodge office and asked for Roger.  When he appeared I drove him face first into the wall. Then I threw him through the front window.  Once outside I said,  “when you send someone to get rid of me they better be do better than Norm did.” and then I ran him head first into the side of his Mercedes and let him fall face first in the snow, got in Molly's Jeep and drove away.