That night Molly, Erik, Mary and I drank margarita’s before taco's ' during taco's and after taco's.

Then Mary and Erik started walking toward their cabin.  I smiled as Erik's begin to caress Mary's cute little butt as they walked. Stopped and kissed, the walked again.   Then I felt a hand on my butt and Molly said, “Do Erik and I have to do all the work?”   

         Roger was in a Tetons Rage.  No one in his rich, spoiled life had ever dared to cross him.  This man had caused him physical pain and what Norm had told him Roger wasn't sure. What's more his little scam was netting him over $150,000 a year and now that might be in danger if this guy could ever figure it out.  No one could cross him and get away with it and he would see to it. He went to his gun safe and took a 30/30.  “When you want something done right, do it yourself,” he said aloud to himself.

         It was the sun's reflection on the scope that probably saved me.  I was standing on the back deck looking at the Mountains in the distance, cup of coffee in hand, when I saw the flash and dived to my right as a bullet tore off a corner of the door sill and hit the fireplace stone and then dug into the opposite wall.  Now I was in a Teton’s Rage and as I rolled off the edge of the deck I heard Erik's sniper rifle report as it bounced off the stillness.

Then it was quiet and I saw a man stand, then stagger and fall at the edge of the tree line. In moments Erik was where the man had fallen.  When I got there the snow was red with blood.  Erik had fired at the reflection from the scope, as Roger tried for a second shot, the scope exploded and tore off a part of Rogers face. He sat there stunned.  Erik picked up his 30/30 and slammed it against a tree then said, “you better get hiking to your vehicle and get that sewed up before you bleed to death.”  

          “Aren't you going to call for the ambulance?” Roger whispered.

         :”No, but next time you come for us I'll call the hearse before I kill you.”  “Do you understand?”

         “Won't see me no more.”   

         “Oh I'll see you alright because I'll be watching you.”        

        When Molly and Mary got back from skiing we were almost done repairing the damage. They had to hear the whole story. Molly said, “My gosh Jake I didn't bring you here to get you killed!”

        “That's why I asked Erik and Mary to be here.”

         “Yes damnit and I just missed all the fun.  Mary said.

         “I won't say maybe next time.” I said, and then we all laughed..

  Chapter 7

          Ann obviously has friends in low places because they got her all the cell phone numbers and the records of out going transactions.  Her “hunk” in Salt Lake City got her the account number from Rock Springs to First Federal where the money was ending up. She would be emailing us a person, by person accounting by afternoon. Sometimes she just amazes me.

         As the old saying goes it was going to be “come to Jesus time” for some young women, who thought they had a good thing going, as soon as we got the email from Ann.


          It was decided to have a meeting with all the girls involved at once. We decided it would be best to invite the sheriff.  He might have to arrest them of course and then sort it out from there. They all showed up which meant they didn't have a clue we were onto them.

        Molly was now the one in a 'Tetons Rage' as she spoke.

       “You spoiled brats have almost cost me my company by stealing with your credit card squares Don't deny it because we have each one of your records.  I gave you jobs because I thought you came from good families now we'll find out if they are.”

        It was my turn. “I have here the list of what each of you stole.  If you, and/or your families repay it we will call it a lesson learned if you can't or won't the Sheriff will arrest you and charge you with theft and you will go to jail and perhaps to prison for the amount in each case is a felony.”

       That damn well got their attention.

       Then the Sheriff stood up. “you have forty eight hours to either pay or make arrangements with my office to pay in a manner satisfactory to Molly.  Personally I'd just as soon arrest you and if you try to run I will.” “Do you understand?”

        They did.

        Then the Sheriff went to arrest Roger and Jennifer, they would get no deal.

        There were parents who were apologetic and parents who were angry but they all paid and frankly that's all I cared.

        “Now Erik, Mary and I have decided you will learn to ski,”  Molly said.

        “What if I break a leg?”

         “We'll just leave you there,” Erik replied

        “Why Jake you'd just have to stay in my bed and let me take care of you!”  Molly said.

         That did it I went skiing!

                            The End

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