Morning coffee shook off the small hangover and left me ready to do battle with the forces of evil as soon as I could figure out where they were. This was going to be bigger than a few snow bunnies stealing. Somehow it seemed organized and dangerous, maybe deadly dangerous.

        While I waited for Erik I called Ann and filled her in on what was happening and asked her to think about how they were doing it, whoever they were. If it was high tech she would figure it out.

        At noon Molly took me up to her shops in Jackson Hole.  They were filled with high end gifts and clothing.  I snooped as long as I could without observing anything out of the ordinary.

        It was snowing when we got back to the chalet.

        Molly said, “either we can go ski or we can cuddle by the fire.”

      Tough choice, we cuddled and sipped hot chocolate and--------well you know.

Chapter Three

        Mid morning Erik and Mary arrived.  Mary was ready to go skiing so Molly and her took off to do just that.  Erik and I discussed how to keep me from getting shot for real.  Erik made a plan that included his being my body guard and Mary watching the Chalet when we were gone.

        Early afternoon Ann called, “I figured out how they do it. Now we have to figure out who and where it's going.”

        “First,. how the hell are they doing it?”

        “With and i phone and a credit card square.”

        “Ann, you need to explain.”

        “It works just like the credit card machine in the store only it is attached to a i phone and goes into a personal bank account of whoever owns the phone or their designated account.”

         “Shit, it's that simple?”

         “Well yes unless someone really studies their credit card statements and no one I know does.”


         “If they did?”

         “ Would have to report it and there is no reason to.”   

         “So all they have to do is take a credit card sale now and then and swipe it into their own account?”

         “Without being caught by the owner yes.”

         “Where does the money go again?”

         “Into the account they designate so they could all be separate or all into one.”

         “Where is it going from here?”

         “That's my next project and it would help if you get me a list of names and any banks they put paychecks into.”

         “We'll have it to you as soon as we can. Thanks Ann you are the best.”

         “Glad you noticed, bye.”

         When Molly and Mary got back I explained it to her.

         “ Your serious! I would have never even dreamed it.”

         “So we need to get the things Ann needs to her as soon as possible.”

         Erik said, “As soon as one of them finds out Ann is snooping it will get dangerous I think.”

         “I'm betting it all goes one place and we're dealing with a gang that has done it before.” I added.

         I figured I should talk to the sheriff’s office in case we had gun smoke.  





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