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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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grow in unpredictable ways, moving myself into the exciting but terrifying unknown, the Beyond control and Beyond understanding ... the new.


The wisest thing I've ever heard said about God comes from Isaiah 55:8:

"For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord."

Putting that wisdom together with my best possible choice gives me the mission of accepting, no matter how hard it may be, that while God is the Beyond my control or understanding, I still must listen carefully to the silence so that His thoughts become my thoughts. Implied in this mission is also that I have the courage to make my ways conform to His.

Not conform to what some preacher or holy book says are His ways. Conform to what my conscience - the God within - tells me directly.

The next day - today - I sent out a group text to some of my friends and family. It explained my new understanding of existence:

"Even the sky can't limit the spirit armed with faith in its source, the Almighty Beyond we call God. Fear and the resulting despair, loss of hope, and mistrust of the goodness within and all around are the true roots of all evil."

Thanks be to God.