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   “Go to court and get his photo,”

   My editor said—“Don’t return without it.

   His arraignment will afford the

   Opportunity for you to get his picture.

   Don’t come back without it.”

   “Everyone in town wants to know

   What the guy looks like.

   Whatever it takes, get his photo.

   Don’t return without it.”

   “Scores of people have been hit by the guy.

   They want to see his picture.

   Don’t come back without it.”

   The defendants were seated in

   The jury box for the arraignment hearings.

   Among them sat the alleged cat burglar—

   The cat burglar whose image

   Everyone in town wanted to see.

   I stared at him throughout the hearings,

   Awaiting my anticipated opportunity—

   The opportunity to fulfill Gary’s order,

   “Whatever it takes, don’t come back without it.”

   “Court adjourned,” the judge declared.

   I arose and aimed my camera at the cat burglar.

   “She’s taking my picture,” he screamed.

   His hands immediately covered his face.

   The public defender was on top of me—

   All five feet of the little wretch.

   “You can’t take a picture in court,”

   She shouted directly in my face.

   “Court was adjourned,” was my defense.

   The bailiff quickly joined the fray—

   “Let’s go to chambers, Carole, and

   Give the judge a chance to decide this.”