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The Hunt at Devils Gate

By Elton Mellum


I stood at the entrance to devil’s gate

And lived this story to tell

There was nary a drop of water to be found

And the sun was hot as hell


I’d heard there was a super rack

On a mystical creature out there

"Better be damn careful"

Warned my friend John Wolfear


Figured I had nothing to fear

Probably some legend gone wrong

And when I brought back the rack

They would immortalize me in song


The heat rose off the earth

Leaving Mirages of lakes and streams

And the farther out you look

The earth was moving it seems


And then I saw him on a knoll

And he must have stood 10 ft high

And on top of his massive head

Anthers disappeared into the sky


His eyes were red as fire

And his breath was a dirt devil

And lighting flashed around his head

Causing me to tremble


Buzzards rested on his rack

The earth shook when he turned

And everything was still as death

And I felt as if my guts were burned


I lifted up my rifle to aim

But he wasn’t in my scope

And my hands began to tremble

Because he still appeared on the slope


Then came a roar of wind

Behind a cloud of dust

Which made me fretfully wonder

If my mind, I could still trust


Then he was gone from my sight

And the sky turned orange and red

It seems the gates of hell were open

And I was floating among the dead


Reality came back with the evening breeze

And I rose stiffly from the ground

My rifle was covered with dust

And my hat not to be found


But I found my way out of there

And I didn’t waste much time

And the darkness fell over me

And it was though I was blind


Then came the moon over the mountain

And I traveled by its eerie light

And passed by the devil’s gate

About an hour before daylight


John Wolfear was there to meet me

And took one look at my face

Saying "You’ve been through the devil’s gate

And into another space"


I saw the beast I surely did

And never ever such a rack

But I’ll tell you one thing for sure

I’m never ever going back.