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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Danny's mother hated Mari and any girl Danny liked.

"Well, you can get out now."

"No, ma, I want them here with me."  Danny firmly stated.

The plan consisted of pulling the wires after the minister talked about the Resurrection of the Dead.

Impatient in their wait, Danny went outside for a quick cigarette.  After the minister spoke about the Lord coming back, Danny and Johnnie pulled on the wires.

Up popped Uncle Frank.  His eyes opened.  He looked scary.

The pandemonium that occurred remains in her twisted mind all these years.  Danny's mom fainted.

People ran, helter- skelter, their screams filling the air, rushing to the exits, tripping over each other in their haste.  

Johnnie, Danny and Mari went outside in back to laugh.

"We did it."  Jumping up and down, patting each other on the backs, and look how funny Uncle Frank looked." Danny said.

"He scared me when he opened his eyes," Mari quipped.

"I'm sure glad we didn't get caught."  Johnnie spoke up.

Their laughter didn't last.  

When Danny went back to get the wires, they had disappeared.  Mari put the fear of the Lord in Danny by telling him the FBI might find his fingerprints on the casket.

Heck, Danny never had his fingerprints taken.   Danny had to pay the full price of the wires.

Both Johnnie and Mari received a severe punishment- grounded for the remainder of the summer.

Mari figured out if she and Johnnie sat on their property, all their friends could sit on Danny's side.  Father spoiled it by putting up a fence between both properties.  Mari and Johnnie climbed the apple tree, their daddy hired people to chop it down.