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 “Twin Towers Metamorphosis”  


Fire sand panes glitter and reflect,

Twin arms stretched upward, to direct,

Atlas holding blue curtains aside,

Wisps of white spun light collide.

High misty bracelets circle and touch,

Fade as sun rays penetrate and clutch,

For all to look in awe and praise,

A place of wonder minds to gaze.

Rare bird with wings pressed tight,

Must soar with no branch to alight,

Keen eyes fooled by prism lakes,

Golden puddles, sunset makes.

All is changed forever, beauty lost,

Thunder roaring, fire arrows tossed,

Crushing, falling, darkness plowed,

Evil searing hope, now allowed.

Proud building tall, swallowed in ash,

Loves and memories move in the past,

Kind heroes lost, live now with God,

Brave deeds to all bequeath our awe.

Our earth has moved, its axis changed,

Waves pushed by those with hearts insane,

Good deeds we saw by many men,

Prove lambs will make us safe again.

Sharon Langdale