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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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By Elton Mellum

I was just about to walk into the little saloon to meet Ann for a sandwich and a beer when the door crashed open and a guy came flying out and landed on his butt.  Nothing says dont mess with Ann like a guy landing on his butt.

Ann is my partner and is a raven hair beauty who happens to be a fashion model and a martial arts teacher who can charm you or destroy you, your choice.

As for me Im Jake Janz PI and beautiful women with big problems are my beat.  

Damn Ann, what prompted that?

He tried to run his hand up my leg.

Ill try to remember that next time Im tempted.

No guts no glory, she laughed.

We were here to review an email we received from two sisters in the Verde Valley of central Arizona. It seems they, and several other women, were very frightened of a group of men who had moved there several months ago.  These men were very abusive and had forced sex on several women and girls.  The local police believed them {or were frightened} when they claimed it was consensual. The two sisters lived in a canyon several miles from any developments and so far, had avoided any serious incidents but felt it was only a matter of time.

Well fly to Phoenix and the sisters will pick us up there. You teach them some martial arts and Ill find out who these guys are and how many

Mary and Erik are fishing in Colorado and I bet they are ready for some fun.

They were and said theyd be there in three days.

Erik is my buddy who is an ex Navy Seal and Mary is his friend who is a professional hunter and real dangerous in a fight.

Take your boots Ann there are rattlesnakes out there.

At least they warn you, not like some of the snakes I meet here.