Chapter Two

Ann was asleep as we started the approach to Sky Harbor airport so for fun I ran my hand all the way up her leg to wake her.

Keep that up Janz and well be staying here in a motel tonight and I mean it.

Damn! Its too late to cancel our ride now.

Unlucky you

They were there when we came up the corridor and between those two beauties in their tight fitting jeans and Ann in her short skirt and boots guys were stumbling over their own feet and gawking with their mouths open. They wanted to trade places with me. Fat chance

I kind of understood why the sisters hadnt been bothered much so far because they were real cowgirls and besides being beautiful they looked strong and in shape.  A mad cowgirl like that can be dangerous.

We traveled for a fair distance across their ranch land until we came down into this beautiful canyon with big cottonwood trees and a stream which flowed out of the rocks. The ranch house was a large one story adobe structure.  I learned later that adobe stayed cooler in the hot summers. The décor was southwestern with bright colors and soft wood.

Our guest rooms were large and a door connected them on the inside. Each had a beautiful bathroom with a shower and a Jacuzzi. Wow!

Janet was the oldest but Janel was only a year behind and they had inherited the ranch when their parents retired and moved to Sedona.

They had not confided in their father for fear he would take a gun after these guys.  

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