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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Chapter Three

It was so quiet and so peaceful I was having trouble falling to sleep. I heard the inside door open and there stood Ann naked in the moonlight.  She slipped under the covers, took my hand and placed it on of her thigh and whispered. now where were we when the plane fell down?

Two hours later I had no trouble sleeping.

Morning brought the first trouble when two men tried to force the girl Nancy off the road as she was coming for the morning session with Ann.  

I need wheels, I said.

Take the four-wheel drive pickup, Janel replied.

I was out of there in a cloud of dust hoping the two guys would still be hanging around.  As luck would have it they were sitting on the end gate of their Nissan pickup dangling their legs and waiting. They barely got their legs up before I hit the end gate and drove their pickup into the ditch.

I stepped out and looked at them still in shock.  oops is all I said and then turned and headed back to the ranch.  

That should get their attention is what I was thinking.

Tomorrow Erik and Mary would be here and the real fun would begin.

Cowards travel in packs is my experience and at that moment the pack leaders were discussing the fun they would have with the sisters.  

About that time the two boys whod almost lost their legs came in.  they were quick to tell their story.

who was he? did he say anything

Yeah he said oops!