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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors
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Chapter Four

Erik and Mary arrived early with their RV loaded with things we could use like guns and shock grenades, and small missiles.   I wonder what the border patrol might do if they ever inspected their RV.

Back that thing alongside that shed where the electric is and come to dinner. Janet said.

At dinner we explained the whole thing to Erik and Mary and Mary said, I can hardly wait for the fun.

That brought a startled look on Janet and Janels face but Ann started to laugh Damn Mary, I think we should go shopping.

The four girls went shopping but I doubt that Janet and Janel knew what Ann and Mary had in mind. As they passed the nightriders club Janet said thats one of the places they hang out.  Mary whipped a u turn and pulled into the parking lot.

What are you doing? Janel exclaimed.

Want to see where they hang out Mary said.

Im not sure its a good idea

Wont take long. Ann answered

Were coming with not sitting out here in this truck.

Lets go but stay back a bit

The bartenders eyes got big when he saw these beauties come through the door and he felt a tingle of fear for them.  Three men put down their pool cues and came to gawk. The bigger one said, Im Abe and if you girls are looking for a good time you came to the right place.

We are looking for some fun Mary replied.

Abe walked up close to her and reached out to touch her breast and then stooped cold as he felt a knife between his legs.  Skinning knife Mary said smiling.  if you want to touch some more I will have you singing soprano in three seconds.