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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!

Chapter Five

Abe was livid with anger, and a little fear. This was the first time he had ever experienced a woman standing up to him and he was determined to show her who was the boss. The bartended quietly thought he already knew.

If Abe understood who her partner was he would have known real fear for Erik was not someone you wanted to even have upset with you. When he heard their story he said he hoped they hadn't already scared them off but Mary assured him they weren't that smart.

While Ann continued to teach martial arts to the women Erik and I prepared for their obvious attempt to attack the ranch and Ann assembled that old machine gun she loved.

I was just wondering where to start when I spotted that old backhoe beside the the shed.  Now I knew where to start.  Once I got the thing started I went to dig a ditch about fifty yards long out from each side of the driveway leading up to the ranch.

Erik laughed and said, "if they hit that about about forty miles per hour they probably flip their vehicle end to end."

"They'll probably come at night and that would make a hell of a light show," I added.

Growing up I North Dakota I knew all about electric fences so we ran one all the way around the buildings.  I figured that would give them a real shock and so I hooked it direct to 110 amps and an electric box with a switch I could turn on when we were ready.

Erik helped Mary get her machine gun in the hayloft aimed out the door at the road.  We also put shock grenades in key locations and set them to detonate with our cell phones.

With all that ready what was left was to lay out the plans for everyone who was ready to fight.