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Reaching Across The Rim and Around the World

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Arizona Rim Country Outdoors
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           Chapter Six

Once everyone was briefed on the coming fight we settled in for a nap.  Ann wasn't sleepy so we danced the hozonal rumba.

Abe had them organized.  Elven men straight up on driveway and both sides of it moving fast to intimidate them.  Seven guys sneaking up from behind to grab them.  "We'll show them how it's done." He bragged.

Shortly after dark they came just like we figured they would.

"Better call for an ambulance or three," Erik told Janet.

Those coming up the sides hit ditch I dug moving pretty fast.  Headlights dove and taillight flashed in the air. Screams of pain split the night.  Then we activated some flash grenades and Mary started in with her machine gun. Suddenly it was silent and I heard some screams as the men behind us hit the fence. Then the rest of the women started firing and we heard voices yelling "we surrender, Stop, stop."

The women were mad and I wondered what would happen next.  It stopped but then I saw Mary with her skinning knife and Abe being held down by four women.  Mary cut his belt with one Stoke and then Ann pulled his pants off.  Abe knew what was coming and was screaming for all he was worth. It wouldn't have saved him if Erik and I hadn't suggested we thought they got the message and would probably get worse in prison.  turns out we were right, when the sheriff arrived they confessed all their sins. The ambulances were busy for awhile followed by the junk Yard trucks.  

We stayed for the party the next night, and a good time was had by all!!