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Water Warriors

By Elton J Mellum

The lake is still as glass

Reflecting back the blue sky above

While one lonely white cloud

Watches his likeness reflected back

My line lies lightly on the water

Like a crack in the looking glass

Then the water erupts like and explosion

And my line is suddenly alive

And I can feel his power in my hands

As he leaps and dances on the water

Only to disappear again

Leaving only a memory of the silver slimmer

Like a bit of magic

He’s still their I feel him

Preparing to give me a fight

This is an ancient battle

Fought thousands of times before

And I have caught a worthy warrior

My reel rattles as he runs

Then the water explodes again

Mother Nature must be watching

Clapping her hands for joy

This is the classic struggle

That makes up the cycle of life

There could be no more magnificent arena

Constructed anywhere by human hands

Of a sudden I see him rise again

His body in a graceful arch

And he shakes his warrior head

And twisting his body he dives

And I can feel that he is gone

Houdini has escaped again

Soon the lake is glass again

Several clouds now have arrived

 Like fans who’ve heard about the fight

And the crack is in the glass

When suddenly another explosion of water

Another warrior has come to fight