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By Elton J Mellum


A fire storm over your head

Running from the fires of hell

Seeking a safe place to hide

A lake, a stream a well


All Gods’ creatures on the move

Fear driving us all on

For all who would be left behind

Everything, including life is gone


Damm fools all of them

Who don't put out their fires

For they should experience this someday

When their very existence is dire


The flames drive the heat of death

And the wind drives the flames

And the hot ashes burn my skin

And fear burns the brain


Driven by the desire for life

We race against the wall of heat

Until our leg muscles burn

And we struggle against defeat

Not all of us creatures are safe

Some didn't make it through

And in the race of death

There was little we could do

Next time you come to natures place

Think carefully about what you do

The carelessness you leave behind

Could be the death of you